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MCAT Question A Day - 5/12/13 - Answer!

Which sequence is correct according to the heterotroph hypothesis?

A.  Organic molecules, coacervates, inorganic molecules, heterotrophs, autotrophs
B.  Inorganic molecules, organic molecules, coacervates, autotrophs, heterotrophs
C.  Coacervates, inorganic molecules, organic molecules, autotrophs, heterotrophs
D.  Inorganic molecules, organic molecules, coacervates, heterotrophs, autotrophs

The correct answer is (D). Organic molecules (amino acids, nucleotides, etc.) are thought to have formed from inorganic precursors, coacervates (enclosed collections of macromolecules) preceded the evolution of cells, and heterotrophic cells are believed to have evolved before photosynthetic cells.