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MCAT Question A Day - 5/20/13 - Answer!

Which of the following statements about meiosis is true?

A.  Each sperm has approximately one-fourth (or less) of a normal cell’s cytoplasm.
B.  Each sperm has approximately one-half (or less) of a normal cell’s cytoplasm.
C.  Each ovum has approximately three-fourths (or more) of a normal cell’s cytoplasm.
D.  A and C

The correct answer is (D). Since cytokinesis in males produces four equal-sized products, each sperm has one-fourth (or less) of the cytoplasm that was in the original spermatogonium. In females, on the other hand, cytokinesis is unequal. The oocytes get the majority of the cytoplasm, while the polar bodies get very little.