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Practice MCAT Question - Q114 - Answer!

Creatinine, a product of creatine metabolism, is transported in the plasma for removal by the kidneys. Where is creatinine most likely to have entered the blood?

A.  Villi of the small intestine
B.  Alveoli of the lungs
C.  Skeletal muscles
D.  Bowman’s capsules in the kidney nephrons

The correct answer is (C). Creatine phosphate is an energy-storing molecule found in skeletal muscle tissue. When creatine is metabolized into creatinine, it enters the blood for removal by the kidneys. Bowman’s capsule (choice D) is where creatinine will be filtered out of the blood into the kidney filtrate. Creatinine is not obtained from food (choice A) and it is not taken in through the air (choice B).

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