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Typical Medical School Interview Questions

1.  Why did you attend ____________________________ College?
2.  What extracurricular activities do you participate in?
3.  Why do you want to become a physician?
4.  What newspapers do you read?
5.  How have you spent your summer vacations since you entered college?
6.  How will you finance your medical education?
7.  What other schools have you applied to?
8.  Why did you apply to this medical school?
9.  Are you interested in a particular medical specialty? If so, why?
10.  Why did you get a poor grade in ______________________ ?
11.  Which medical school is your first choice?
12.  Please discuss your social life.
13.  Describe your schedule in college.
14.  What were your favorite courses? Why?
15.  Did you do any special science projects? If yes, discuss.
16.  Will your religious convictions interfere in your studies or practice of medicine?
17.  What was the greatest strength of the college where you did your undergraduate work?
18.  What was the greatest weakness of the college where you did your undergraduate work?
19.  Do you feel you should have gone to a different college to do your undergraduate course work? Why/why not?
20.  Have you done any research? Please discuss.
21.  Have you done any volunteer work? Please discuss.
22.  How do you think HMO’s are affecting the medical profession?
23.  What do you do in your spare time?
24.  Tell me about yourself and your family.
25.  What are your long-term objectives?
26.  Do you have any hobbies? What are they?
27.  What do you enjoy about your hobbies?
28.  Was there a particular experience that led you to your career choice? Please discuss.
29.  What are your plans for marriage and having a family?
30.  Why isn’t this medical school your first choice?
31.  Describe the characteristics of a good physician.
32.  Why do you think you are better suited for admission than your classmates?
33.  What is the status of the MD in modern society?
34.  What has been your most significant accomplishment to date?
35.  If you had great willpower, how would you change yourself?
36.  What are the characteristics of a mature person?
37.  What do you think can be determined about an applicant at an interview?
38.  What books have you recently read? Please discuss what you liked about a recent book you read.
39.  Would you perform an abortion? Why? Why not?
40.  What do you think is the most important ethical issue facing medicine today?
41.  What is your opinion on _______________________________ (major current event issues)?
42.  Discuss the ethical questions concerning cloning of humans.
43.  How do you cope with frustrating situations?
44.  What will you do if you are not accepted to medical school?
45.  How do you rank among the pre-professional students at your school?
46.  Have you ever worked with people, and, if so, in what capacity?
47.  Who has had the greatest influence on your life and why?
48.  How do you spend your spare time?
49.  Should drugs like marijuana and heroin, if they are shown to have medicinal value, be available to patients with prescriptions? Why/why not?
50.  If you couldn’t be a doctor, what other profession would interest you? Why?
51.  How do you think medicine will be different 20 years from now?
52.  What is your greatest strength?
53.  What is your greatest weakness?
54.  Given your strong grades, why didn’t you receive a stronger MCAT score?
55.  Give an example of a stressful situation that you have been in and how you were able to successfully deal with the situation.
56.  Where do you think you will practice and why?
57.  Are any members of your family doctors?
58.  What is your opinion of euthanasia of humans?
59.  Do you have any questions?
60.  (For D.O. candidates only) Why do you want to be a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine?
61.  (For D.O. candidates only) Please discuss what makes Osteopathic Medicine different from allopathic medicine.
62.  (For D.O. candidates only) Do you know an Osteopathic Doctor?