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MCAT Question A Day - 2/19/14 - Answer!

A 2.0-kg body is acted on by a 10-N force. If the body is initially at rest, what will be its velocity after 5 seconds?

A.  5.0 m/s
B.  10 m/s
C.  20 m/s
D.  25 m/s

The correct answer is (D). From Newton’s second law, F 5 ma, so the acceleration is: 

a = F/m = 10 N / 2.0 kg = 10 kg m s-2  / 2.0 kg = 5.0 m/s2

The velocity is v = v0 + at where v0 = 0 so that:

v = at = (5.0 m/s2)(5s) = 25 m/s

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