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MCAT Question A Day - 6/13/14 - Answer!

If an acetylcholine antagonist were administered generally into a person. all of the following would be affected EXCEPT:

A.  the neuroeffector synapse in the sympathetic nervous system.
B.  the neuroeffector synapse in the parasympathetic nervous system
C.  the neuromuscular junction in the somatic nervous system.
D.  the ganglionic synapse in the sympathetic nervous system.

A is correct. Every type of synapse in the peripheral nervous system uses acetylcholine as its neurotransmitter except the second (the neuroeffector) synapse in the sympathetic nervous system. You may not have known what a neuroeffector synapse was, but you should have been able to reason that it is an end·organ synapse. An effector is an organ or a muscle, something that responds to neural innervation by making something happen in the body.