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MCAT Question A Day - 7/24/14 - Answer!

Cholera is an intestinal infection that can lead to severe diarrhea causing profuse secretion of water and electrolytes. A glucose-electrolyte solution may be administered orally to patients suffering from cholera. What is the most likely reason for mixing glucose with the electrolyte solution?

A.  When digested, glucose increases the strength ofthe patient.
B.  The absorption of glucose increases the uptake of electrolytes.
C.  Glucose is an electrolyte.
D.  Glucose stimulates secretion of the pancreatic enzyme, amylase.

B is correct. Glucose is absorbed in a symport mechanism with sodium. Sodium is an electrolyte. The absorption of glucose increases the absorption of sodium. Glucose is not an electrolyte. Glucose does not stimulate the secretion of amylase.

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