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MCAT Question A Day - 8/22/14 - Answer!

"Swollen glands" are often observed in the neck of a person with a cold. The most likely explanation for this is that:

A.  blood pools in the neck in an attempt to keep it warm.
B.  lymph nodes swell as white blood cells proliferate within them to fight the infection.
C.  the infection sets off an inflammatory response in the neck, causing fluid to be drained from the area.
D.  fever causes a general expansion of the tissues of the head and neck.

B is correct. "Swollen glands" are actually swollen lymph nodes that are bulging with immune cellgearing up to fight the invasion. A is simply not what's going on here. C is out because an inflammatory response would draw fluid into the inflamed area, not drain it away. D is also just a goofy answer.

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